تعبير عن الصديقه بالانجليزي كامل

تعبير عن الصديقه بالانجليزي كامل

تعبير عن الصديقه بالانجليزي

Who is my best friend friendship is the tree from which we eat if we need, and shade it if we are tired, and give us oxygen if we choke our breasts, an end to which the individual seeks to land his travels, and an open crossing if the doors are closed before us, and it is the light if our world darkens, we seek،


Peace be upon the world if it does not have a friend who is honest and honest

I called her my best friend, because she joined my heart between the folds of her words when I was sad, and contained my soul when I cried, took from her joy and poured into my heart, and took from her laughter and painted on my cheeks, I always talked about my problems as if it was her first case, and stood with me when،

She was my source of trust. She never felt like a lamb on her, but her laughter to me in my hard times was a lifeline, and I don’t need to say how I feel, because her heart feels to me as if my mother lent her part of her heart،

And I do not arrange my words then, because she will never understand me wrong, and whenever I mention the words of the friend at the time of distress, I feel that it was said for her, and whenever I come to her fleeing from the pain of the world, I find a new world then

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