double rp gta the current week in GTA online game katets update march 2022

double rp gta the current week in GTA online game katets update march 2022

double rp gta the current week in GTA online game katets update march 2022

double rp gta during the current week in GTA online game katets update march 2022 Grand Theft Auto is a series of action-adventure games created by David Jones and Mike Daily. Subsequent titles were developed under the supervision of brothers Dan and Sam Hauser, Leslie Benzies, and Aaron Garbutt. The game is primarily developed by British developer Rockstar North, and published by parent company Rockstar Games.

double rp gta

double rp gta

Making money is the top priority for GTA Online players. This is closely followed by car and weapon purchases. However, in order to get their hands on the good stuff in GTA Online, players will have to jump through a lot of hoops.

Every Thursday, however, Rockstar likes to switch things up by offering players a chance to make double the amount of money and RP than they usually would. This way, players are encouraged to try out different game modes and activities in GTA Online.

Bonus Double rp GTA Activities

These activities will provide players with double cash and RP this week in GTA Online:

  1. Transform Races
  2. Hunting Pack (Remix)
  3. Contact Missions – Martin Madrazo
  4. Contact Missions – Lamar Davis
  5. Business Battles

Contact Missions can be started by simply heading to the location of the Contact on the GTA Online map.

The Discounted Content this week:

  1. 40% off Progen Emerus ($ 1,650,000)
  2. 40% off Rhino ($ 900,000)
  3. 25% off Mammoth Squaddie ($ 847,500)
  4. 40% off HVY Chernobog ($ 1,987,020 / 1,494,000)
  5. 40% off Buckingham Miljet ($ 1,020,000)
  6. 40% off All Facilities
  7. 40% off Renovations Facilities
  8. 40% off Benefactor Terrorbyte ($ 825,000)
  9. 40% off Widowmaker – Laser Weapon ($ 299,400)
  10. 40% off Unholy Hellbringer – Laser Weapon ($ 269,400)

now start play different Jobs in the game


  • Head to the Pause Menu.
  • Select “Online.”
  • Select Play Job > Rockstar Created.
  • Pick from “Races” (for Transform Races), “Adversary Mode” (for Hunting Pack Remix).

double rp gta

update of double rp gta online

24th February GTA Online Weekly Update

Podium Vehicle:
Vapid Retinue

New Content:
Prize Ride: Dewbauchee Rapid GT Classic (Place top 3 in 5 Street Races)
Clothing unlock Bravado Tee (Complete a security Contract)

Bonus GTA$ And RP Activities:

3x GTA$ & RP on Air Races
3x GTA$ & RP on Aire Freight Cargo
2x GTA$ & RP on Security Contracts
3x GTA$ & RP on Flight School
3x GTA$ & RP on Trap Door Adversary Mode

Discounted Content:

40% off Alpha Z1 ($1,272,810 – $957,000)
40% off Ultralight ($399,000 – $300,000)
40% off Sea Sparrow ($1,089,000)
40% off Hangars (+Renovations)
30% off Cheetah Classic ($605,500)
30% off Cinquemila ($1,218,000)
30% off Visione ($1,575,000)
30% off Weevil($609,000 – $456,750)
30% off Seabreeze($791,350 – $595,000)
30% off Tula($3,621,590 – $2,723,000)
30% off Velum 5-Seater($926,345 – $696,500)
25% off Agencies (30% off Art)
15% off Hydra ($3,391,500 – $2,550,000)

Twitch Prime Bonuses:
$100k for logging in this week

Time Trials:

RC Bandito Time Trials:

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