sticky bomb pubg Demolition Zone,and more new features || Pubg Mobile

sticky bomb pubg Demolition Zone,and more new features || Pubg Mobile

sticky bomb pubg Demolition Zone,and more new features || Pubg Mobile

sticky bomb pubg

Two players walk down a staircase on PUBG’s Karakin with a hole in the ceiling above them
sticky bomb hole in the ceiling


sticky bomb pubg Karakin is PlayerUknown’s Battlegrounds’ newest map and also its smallest. Its size, combined with its layout and faster-moving circles make it one of the most frantic and fun PUBG experiences so far. But none of those features are what truly make it special. What brings me joy is the fact that it’s littered with tiny explosives that you can stick to practically anything.

Karakin is built around the conceit of destructible environments. PUBG Corporation studio director Dave Curd told Polygon in a phone interview that the premise was “what if, in the final circle, you could have an entire city that was half exploded?”

This kind of wholesale destruction comes through with the game’s new Black Zones, missile strikes that can level entire city blocks. The impact zones are small, but when you’re nearby one, they’re terrifying (something Curd said was very much by design). Since buildings on other maps are the pinnacle of safety, watching one get destroyed is unsettling. But, while Black Zones are somewhat anonymous, Karakin also offers devastation on a more personal level. That’s where Sticky Bombs come in.

sticky bomb

Players can throw these new explosives and they’ll stick to whatever they hit. After a short time, the phone attached to the explosives rings and the charge detonates, blowing away doors, crumbly walls, and players in its path.

It’s a satisfying explosion, but it’s also surprisingly funny. Every sound in PUBG, until the introduction of Karakin, was grating and blunt, like the bangs of gunshots or the dull thud of explosions. But Sticky Bombs’ ear-shattering boom is always preceded by a cell phone ringer. As it turns out, when every other sound in the game lands with a crash, hearing a ringtone that sounds like Nokia rejected it in 1998 can be both hilarious and absolutely panic inducing.

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