ff support data ob33 latest update with features 2022

ff support data ob33 latest update with features 2022

ff support data ob33 latest update with features 2022

ff support data ob33 latest update with features 2022 The main difference between Free Fire Battlegrounds and other similar titles is that, instead of hosting games of 100 players, there are only 50. And the length of each game is adjusted accordingly. Instead of playing for 30 minutes, most rounds only last around 15 minutes. Basically, it’s a faster and more hectic “PUBG”.

ff support data ob33

Free Fire DeveloperGarena free fire
Name of GameFree Fire/ FF Max
FF Advance Server VersionOB33
APK File NameFree Fire Advance Server
Release DateMid of March 2022 (Tentative)
Rewards for Bug ReportUp to 2000 Diamonds
Other RewardsWeapons. Skins, Pets
FF Advance Activation CodeWill be Available in March

Weapon and Balance ob33

New Weapon: G36

Switch firing mode: G36 toggles between Assault, short-range mode and Range, mid-range mode

Assault stats:

  • Base Damage: 26
  • Rate of Fire: 0.096
  • Magazine: 30

Range stats:

Range stats

  • Base Damage: 33
  • Rate of Fire: 0.15
  • Magazine: 30

Weapon Adjustments

  • M4A1: Effective range -4%
  • SCAR: Effective range +5%
  • M249: Effective range -3%
  • FAMAS: Effective range -2%
  • XM8: Effective range +5%
  • AN94: Effective range +4%
  • AUG: Effective range +6%
  • PARAFAL: Effective range +5%
  • Kar98k:Gun switch time +20%
  • UMP: Effective range -3%, movement speed when firing -10%, stability -7%
  • MP5: Effective range -10%, damage +10%,
  • VSS: Effective range -15%
  • MP40:Stability +15%, movement speed when carrying +15%, movement speed when firing +10%
  • Thompson: Effective range -3%
  • Mini Uzi: Effective range -8%
  • MAC10: Effective range -4%
  • M1014: Effective range -16%, reload speed +30%
  • M1873: Effective range -15%
  • SPAS12: Effective range -8%, reload speed +10%
  • M1887: Effective range -12%, damage +8%, movement speed when carrying +5%
  • MAG-7: Effective range -15%, damage +4%, stability +10%
  • Charge Buster: Effective range -10%, damage +5%
  • M1887-X: Added new muzzle accessory slots

OB33 Server List

  • Free Fire Mexico Server
  • Free Fire Taiwan Server
  • Free Fire India Server
  • Free Fire Thailand Server
  • Free Fire Vietnam Server
  • Free Fire Pakistan Server
  • Free Fire Brazil Server
  • Free Fire Middle East Server
  • Free Fire Indonesia Server
  • Free Fire Malaysia Server
  • Free Fire Russia Server
  • Free Fire Europe Server
  • Free Fire Bangladesh Server

Battle Royale

New In-game Missions

  • Hit List missions: Purchase from the Vending Machine using FF Coins. Eliminate target within the time limit.
  • Supply Run missions: Obtain for free on the map. Reach a specified location within time limit.

Ultimate Weapons Now Upgradable

All Ultimate Weapons are upgradeable now(3 stages) using the Upgrade Chip, except for the airdrop one: This list is as follows:

  • VSS
  • MP5
  • M60
  • M4A1
  • M14
  • Kar98k
Official WebsiteClick Here

Users can download the update from the application stores as per their devices and wait for the servers to come back online. Once back, and once the maintenance break has culminated, they can access the compensation rewards.

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