gta update 1.37 with details March 16 Released || Patch Notes 2021

gta update 1.37 with details March 16 Released || Patch Notes 2021

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gta update 1.37 with details March 16 Released || Patch Notes 2021

Gta update 1.37 The GTA 5 update 1.37 March 16 title update is out now on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam. Head on below for what’s new. & On PC, the patch is around 400MB, though it shouldbe a bit larger on consoles

gta update 1.37


  • There are reports that loading times are shorter (loading SP/Online seems to be faster)ONLY ON PC
  • Winky Trade Price is fixed.


  • There are reports that you can’t boot yourself to solo sessions anymore, and that the game crashes. Some players also experience crashing when switching to another sessions (XBOX One). Public solo session on PC works (TESTED).

gta update 1.37

Update 1.37 has arrived for Grand Theft Auto V, and here’s the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch. This update fixes one of Grand Theft Auto V’s most infamous problems, and GTA Online players will be incredibly happy to hear what this update includes. Console players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One don’t get the same fixes, but they can still expect some general improvements. This update is currently rolling out across all platforms and weighs in at roughly 400 MB on PC. Console players should expect a slightly larger install size. Here’s everything new with Grand Theft Auto V update 1.37.

Grand Theft Auto V Update 1.37 Patch Notes

  • PS4/Xbox/PC
    • General network connectivity improvements
  • PC
    • Improvements to PC loading times *Thanks to t0st for his contributions around this part of today’s title update

This update includes general network connectivity improvements on all platforms, so GTA Online players should experience disconnects less frequently and not encounter online issues as often. The main focus of this patch, however, is the PC loading time improvements. GTA Online is notorious for its long load times, and Rockstar has finally taken action to address them in this update.


Grand Theft Auto V is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. A next-gen version of the game is currently in development for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. For more information regarding this update, visit the official Rockstar site.

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