shelly gta rp twitch || Who is she and her character 2021

shelly gta rp twitch || Who is she and her character 2021

shelly gta rp twitch || Who is she and her character 2021

shelly gta rp: Shelly “Targaryen” Smith is a character role-played by rlly. She is one of the five original Burger Shot employees along with Kevin Whipaloo, Robert Spowylamywanowski, Sheldon Jones and Ai Musori.

Shelly vs Cornwood

shelly gta rp: One fateful night, as Shelly was standing by a telephone booth ready to anonymously prank cell her arch-nemesis Balducci, she was brutally rammed into by a police cruiser driven by officer Cletus Cornwood, with officer T.J. Mack as a co-driver. This resulted in the brutal mangling of Shelly’s legs as well as nervous damage to her arm; as described by Fingle Dan, her arm now looked like sausage links. To make matters worse, Cornwood accused her of jaywalking when the incident happened.

Being emotionally distraught and unable to even work and manage anywhere near her normal efficiency at Burger Shot, she decided to contact XPlain Law LLP and prepare a lawsuit against Cornwood and the PD for their negligence and the damages they caused. Adding to her humiliation, when she visited MRPD to check if they even filed a police report for running her over, she found out that they hadn’t. On top of that, a group of officers laughed at her and Patrick Downing accused her of lying, grabbed her wheelchair and pushed her down the flight of stairs outside MRPD.

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All of this resulted in some rough days for Shelly. She spent most of her time facing off against a new primary villain during that time, namely the ever-present threat of doors and steps. Though she often came out victorious during those struggles due to her persistence and a lot of help from her Ass to Ass Sherry Paie, it was never without a lot of effort.

Tensions rose once again with Cornwood when he came to visit the Burger Shot after his promotion to Captain. Shelly, having already removed a few people from the roster for not showing up to work, fired Cornwood on the spot. The devastated Cornwood then got drunk and lumbered around his old home, while Trooper Tony Andrews accused Shelly of being a scammer due to her no longer being in a wheelchair. However, Shelly still had the medical records to prove her injuries, so all that remained in regards to that was to settle everything in court.

Their relationship seemed to get a lot better when they met one day and, after Shelly vented her frustrations to Cornwood under the night sky, he decided to take her on a ride-along. Being a surprisingly decent duo when it comes to cop business, Shelly considered Cornwood‘s offer to rescind the lawsuit and have him hired back as security at the Burger Shot, though she of course understood the possibility that it was just a ploy to avoid the lawsuit.

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